How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?


Now that it is time to have your roof replaced and you picked a roofer, you are probably wondering how long the process will take. Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to that. Every roofing project is unique and the timeframe is dependent on many different factors. Your roofing contractor is the only one who can answer this question for you.


Make sure your chosen contractor explains the whole process to you. There is more to a roofing replacement than the construction process. First, your roof will have to get inspected in order to determine what’s necessary to get the job done. After your roofer was able to visually inspect the roof, the planning phase can begin. This gives you the chance to communicate your desires and expectations. At this point, your appointed roofing contractor is most likely able to give you an approximate timeframe. The project still has to get approved by the city and, if applicable, the homeowner’s association. You don’t want to end up having to get the whole roof replaced again because it didn’t line up with certain codes and standards. The most stressful phase is the construction phase. The old roof needs to be stripped and removed, materials needs to get prepared and the new roof must be laid. After that, features such as trim and gutters, need to be installed.


The timeframe for any roof replacement depends on various factors, mainly the total square footage of the roof. Keep in mind that there are always unforeseen events that can occur. Additional repair work can delay the whole process. If the roofing contractor finds rotten wood, for example, this needs to get replaced. In addition, it depends on how experienced each single roofing worker is and how many people the roofing company is sending over. Then there’s also the weather that can influence the process. On average, it takes one to four days to replace a residential roof and two weeks or more to replace a commercial roof.


Having your roof replaced doesn’t need to be stressful. A reliable and trustworthy roofer is able to provide a smooth experience and deal with any setbacks.